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Biggest DIY Painting Mistakes

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Painting is a great way to drastically change the look and feel of a room. While it seems like a simple enough task and you’ll probably want to strike while enthusiasm is still strong, take some time to read a these common DIY painting mistakes to ensure that you will complete a beautiful project that will last for years.

1. Skipping the prep

Prepping before painting is essential. There is a reason that professional painting contractors spend so much time prepping before beginning the actual painting. Not only do you want to prep the surface that you will be painting, but you will also want to prep your home. Prepping your home includes removing everything off the wall(s) you will be painting, moving and/or covering furniture, and having animals vacate the room(s). Drop cloths are a great resource to protect furniture and floors. You can read more about getting ready for a project here. Once the room is ready, you can start prepping the surface:

• Scrape flaking paint

• Fix nail holes and grooves

• Repair any cracks or damagers

• Clean the surface

• Cover stains with primer

• Remove outlet covers

• Tape areas that are not being painted

2. Skimping on materials

A brush is a brush, right? No. It is important to make sure you buy high quality materials. Our crews at Granite State Painters recommend a few different brands of brushes:

• Purdy

• Corona

• Picasso

• Blaze

When it comes to paint, we at Granite State Painters typically use Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore. These brands are great for easy application, great durability and color retention. Check out a more detailed description on our preferred paint here!

Another item that you won't want to skimp on is painters tape. High-quality tape will help to keep your lines clean for a polished paint job.

3. Choosing the wrong paint

As mentioned above, we typically use Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paint. However, there is more to paint than just the brand. There are many paint sheens that you will have to pick from. From high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, eggshell, matte and flat; the sheen that you choose is going to be based on what you are painting. Check out our blog post here for help choosing the right sheen!

4. Technique

We have two step-by-step blogs that walk you through the steps that we at Granite State Painters take to paint both interior and exterior surfaces. There are a few techniques that are not mentioned in those posts that you should know:

• Always paint from top to bottom

• Only dip your brush or roller a third of the way into the paint

• Hold the brush near the base of the handle

• Use primer if you are painting over a darker color

• Fix imperfections before applying a second coat

5. Not sampling

There are many different elements that will affect your paint color including artificial and natural lighting, texture of the wall, and the floors in the room. Sampling by painting directly on the wall will give you the best idea of what your room will look like.

Of course, if the DIY way is not for you - we are here for you! Give us a call or visit our website to request a FREE virtual or in-person estimate today!

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for our next post! Feel free to comment any questions/comments/suggestions.

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