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Cabinet Painting

Choosing to change the look of existing cabinetry can change the look of an entire room. This is why Granite State Painters delivers only the best quality work and employs a system that makes the process easy and enjoyable for the homeowner.

Whether you need brand new cabinets painted or your older cabinetry needs some new life, we refinish everything from kitchen and bathroom cabinets to built in storage units.

You can trust that we will take care of everything you need to achieve the look you always wanted!

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  • All hardware from front drawers and doors will be removed

  • Floors, counter tops, and all other surrounding surfaces, that do not require painting will be protected

  • Cabinets will be sanded and de-greased

  • All gaps in the cabinets will be caulked for a seamless appearance

  • Cabinets will be masked off in preparation of priming and painting

  • All cabinets, drawers, drawer fronts, and doors will receive one coat of an adhesion primer

  • Two finish coats of cabinet paint will be applied to all cabinets, drawers, drawer fronts, and doors

  • All masking and floor protection will be removed once the job is completed

  • All tools will be cleaned up and placed in a location specified by the homeowner

  • Counter tops and floors will be wiped clean

  • Upon completion of the job, a walk will be conducted with the homeowner to ensure complete customer satisfaction

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