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Trust the Professionals: Our Preferred Products

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

There are a lot of different things you will need to decide on when you make the decision to paint. There is also a lot of different products out there – colors, brands, brushes, rollers, sprayers, stains, and more! We have decided to focus this post entirely on our preferred products. Skip the hours of endless researching and let us tell you what we, as professionals, prefer!


Benjamin Moore Advance (satin or semi gloss)

Applied with a sprayer or a high quality brush or roller


Benjamin Moore Regal Select (matte or eggshell)

Applied with a brush and roller (3/8" roller cover)


Sherwin Williams Master Hide

Applied with a sprayer or brush and roller

Front Doors

Benjamin Moore Advance (gloss)

When working with a gloss, it might be best to call a professional

Exterior primer for peeling paint

Mad Dog primer

Applied with spray/brush/roller

Exterior Paint

Sherwin Williams Duration Satin

Applied applied with spray/brush/roller

Exterior solid stain

Sherwin Williams Woodscapes

Applied with spray/brush/roller

Cear coats of decking

Sikkens SRD

Applied by staining pad and wiping off


Browse our website and past blog posts to read step-by-step directions for all sorts of different painting projects. As always, give us a call if we can be of any assistance!

We are here to help!

Phone: (1) 855-PAINT-11

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