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The Top Benjamin Moore Whites to Freshen Up Your Space This Year

As the brisk days of January signal the heart of winter, what better way to brighten up these longer evenings than with a fresh coat of paint? Granite State Painters is here to wrap your space in comfort with Benjamin Moore's premium selection of whites. Each shade, a whisper of elegance and simplicity, promises to transform your rooms into havens of light and tranquility. Join us on a color journey and let's find the Benjamin Moore white that reflects your home's unique charm and your personal style.

Chantilly Lace OC-65

Chantilly Lace is the epitome of a classic white that offers a crisp, clean look. Its pureness makes it a favorite for trim and ceilings, but don't hesitate to use it to brighten up a living room or transform your kitchen cabinets. With its neutral undertone, it pairs beautifully with contemporary or traditional decor.

White Heron OC-57

Slightly warmer than Chantilly Lace, White Heron brings a soft, airy feel to any room. It's perfect for those who want a hint of warmth without veering too far from true white. It’s an excellent choice for living areas and kitchens, reflecting natural light beautifully.

White Dove OC-17

A beloved favorite, White Dove offers a gentle warmth that works well in rooms that aim for a cozy atmosphere. This color's versatility makes it perfect for any room, providing a soft backdrop for art and furniture. Its understated elegance is unmatched, making it a top choice for interior walls and cabinets alike.

Simply White OC-117

Crowned as Color of the Year in the past, Simply White is anything but plain. It brings a subtle, natural warmth to the space, making it feel inviting. It’s ideal for spaces that crave a touch of coziness without sacrificing brightness, such as dining rooms or entryways.

Cloud White OC-130

Floating between warm and cool, Cloud White is the chameleon of whites. Its ability to adapt to different lighting conditions makes it a versatile choice for any space. It offers a soft, muted backdrop that is timeless in appeal.

White Down OC-131

For those looking to infuse their space with a touch of creaminess, White Down is the go-to shade. It's the warmest of the bunch, providing a comforting glow that’s perfect for living spaces and bedrooms that aim for a soft, welcoming ambiance.

At Granite State Painters, we specialize in bringing these sophisticated whites to your home. Our interior painting services are second to none, with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to quality. We ensure that every stroke of paint is applied with precision, transforming your walls into canvases of elegance.

Additionally, our cabinet painting services can rejuvenate your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with any of these Benjamin Moore shades. Whether you’re looking for a modern update or a timeless classic look, our team will work with you to achieve the perfect finish. Click the link below to view more of our work!

As the January days unfold and we settle into the year, it’s the perfect time to refresh your home for the year ahead. Contact Granite State Painters to discuss how these Benjamin Moore whites can brighten up your space. Let's make your home a testament to timeless beauty and unparalleled sophistication.

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