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Why Your Exterior Paint is Bubbling and How To Fix It

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

As a homeowner, you take pride in the appearance of your home's exterior. So, it can be frustrating to notice unsightly bubbles forming on the painted surfaces. Bubbling paint not only detracts from your home's curb appeal but also indicates underlying issues that need attention. In this blog post, we'll explore the common causes of exterior paint bubbling and provide you with practical solutions to fix the problem. Let's dive in and restore the beauty of your home!

1. Moisture Issues

One of the primary culprits behind bubbling paint is moisture. When water seeps through cracks, gaps, or poorly sealed surfaces, it can get trapped between the paint layer and the substrate, causing bubbles to form. To fix this issue, identify and repair the source of moisture, such as fixing leaky gutters, repairing damaged caulking, or improving ventilation in humid areas. Once the underlying problem is resolved, scrape off the bubbled paint, sand the area, apply a primer, and repaint using a high-quality exterior paint.

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2. Improper Surface Preparation

Applying paint to a poorly prepared surface can lead to adhesion problems and subsequent bubbling. If the surface was not adequately cleaned, sanded, or primed before painting, it can prevent the paint from adhering properly, resulting in bubbles over time. To fix this issue, carefully scrape off the bubbled paint, thoroughly clean the surface, sand it to create a smooth texture, apply a primer suitable for the surface, and repaint using a high-quality exterior paint.

3. Excessive Heat and Sun Exposure

Extreme heat and prolonged sun exposure can cause the expansion and contraction of surfaces, leading to bubbling paint. Additionally, direct sunlight can degrade the paint's protective properties, allowing moisture to penetrate and cause bubbles. To fix this issue, scrape off the bubbled paint, sand the surface, apply a primer, and repaint using a high-quality exterior paint that offers UV protection and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

4. Low-Quality or Incorrect Paint

Using low-quality or incorrect paint for exterior surfaces can result in poor adhesion and eventual bubbling. Ensure you choose paint specifically formulated for exterior use and appropriate for the surface you are painting. Invest in high-quality paint products that provide excellent adhesion, durability, and resistance to moisture and UV rays.

Exterior paint bubbling can be a frustrating problem, but with the right knowledge and solutions, you can restore the beauty of your home's exterior and prevent future issues. Remember to address any moisture problems, properly prepare the surfaces, use suitable primers, and invest in high-quality exterior paint. If you're looking for professional assistance and expertise for your painting needs, don't hesitate to contact Granite State Painters. Our team of skilled professionals is ready to provide you with top-notch painting services that will transform your home. Say goodbye to paint bubbling and hello to a stunning exterior. Contact us today for a exterior house painting consultation and let us help you bring your vision to life. Happy painting!

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