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Choosing the Right White Paint

White is a common color theme homeowners go with when painting their home, it allows the homeowners to be creative with color of their décor and furniture. With there being hundreds of white paint colors, all with different tints, brightness levels, and sheens, it can be tough picking the perfect white for your home. With these pointers, picking a white paint will be considerably easier than before!

Using a white paint in a north facing room can be problematic because these rooms receive little sunlight and warmth, even if the room has windows, it can still appear very dark which gives the white paint more of a cooling look. If you are planning on doing all white throughout the house, try using a warmer white in the north facing rooms to counteract the cooling effect from the northern light, this should create a happy medium. The best white paints to use in a north facing room are Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005, Sherwin Williams Alabaster SW 7008, and Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17.

It is important to know the undertones of the white paint you are using because you want to make sure that the color won’t clash with the floors, counters, or anything else in the room. If you are having trouble seeing the undertones in your white paint, we have a solution for that! Grab a white piece of printer paper and the paint swatch, hold these two next to each other. This should help determine whether the paint is a cool white, (blue or gray undertone), or a warm white, (red, yellow, or orange undertones).

You may think that buying samples is too much of an investment or a waste of time, I can assure you that it’s cheaper than having to repaint a whole room because the color isn’t what it was expected to be. Before committing to a color, get some samples and put them up on a wall and check them throughout the day to see how they look with the natural light. Go with your gut instinct to help you pick a color.

When picking a white color paint, you should think about how it might make you feel with it being in your home. A very pure white paint can strain your eyes and can cause headaches. Very pure white paint can also make a room seem too bright which isn’t the best way to create a comforting environment. Warm whites are the easiest to live with long term!

10 Most Popular Benjamin Moore White Paints

  • Chantilly Lace OC-65 - pure, bright white

  • Cloud White CC-40 - warm, soft white

  • Simply White OC-117 - bright, warm white

  • Dove Wing OC-18 - warm, off white

  • White Dove OC-17 - less yellow undertones, still warm but neutral

  • Decorators White CC-20 - off white with cool undertones

  • Oxford White CC-30 - gray undertones

  • Intense White OC-51 - slight undertone of green, warm without being yellow

  • Paper White OC-55 - creamy white with blue, green, and gray undertones

  • Pure White OC-64 - cool, off white with blue undertones

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for our next blog post! Feel free to comment any questions/comments/suggestions.

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