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House Painters in Rye

When hiring house painters in the Rye area, it's essential to choose a reliable and experienced provider. Granite State Painters offers over a decade of interior painting and exterior painting services for homes and businesses in Rye and throughout Rockingham County.


Rye Interior Painting Services

Painting the interior of your home is one of the most common and effective ways to transform the look and feel of a room or an entire house. Interior painting can be done for various reasons, including aesthetic improvements, maintenance, preparing a property for sale, or simply to create a new ambiance. In addition to painting the interior walls of your Rye home, Granite State Painters offers professional cabinet painting & refinishing services for kitchens and bathrooms. This is a great opportunity to update the look and feel of your cabinets at a fraction of the cost and time.


Our team of experienced Rye Painters use the highest quality products and handle every paint job with the care and precision we’d use in our own homes.

Rye Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting of your Rye home provides more than just a fresh coat of paint. Painting the exterior of a home is essential for maintaining and protecting the building from the harsh weather elements on the Seacoast, as well as preventing deterioration, and enhancing the overall appearance of the property. Hiring a professional exterior painter such as Granite State Painters will avoid all of the common pitfalls that lead to substandard and short term results. We can help you select the best paints that will withstand the elements. Our painting contractors will expertly repair and prepare every surface to be painted. In the end, your Rye home will look absolutely fantastic for years to come.


For more information on hiring an expert house painter in Rye, call us today- 603-534-8977 or request a free, in-home consultation.

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