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House Painters in North Hampton

At Granite State Painters, we offer over 10 years of professional exterior painting & interior painting services for homes throughout North Hampton and surrounding communities of the New Hampshire Sea Coast. In addition to house painting, we offer a great way to update the look of your bathroom or kitchen with cabinet painting & resurfacing services.


North Hampton Exterior Painting

Increase the value of your North Hampton home and enhance your curb appeal with exterior painting services from Granite State Painters.  We have over a decade of experience painting exterior homes both new and old in the North Hampton area.  Updating your paint not only looks great, but it can protect the elements here in New Hampshire from the extreme cold, seaspray from the ocean and hot summers.


North Hampton Interior Painting

When it comes to updating the interior walls of your North Hampton home, a fresh coat of paint offers an affordable way to transform the look and feel of your room.


We offer interior painting in North Hampton for walls, baseboards, ceilings, doors & moldings, trims, as well as cabinets. The right tools and painting equipment will always be used for the job. We always double-check painting and color choices for your interior space. 


North Hampton Cabinet Painting 

Over time your bathroom and kitchen cabinets can begin to age. What was a popular look 5 years ago may not be your taste anymore. Rather than spend thousands of dollars in contractors and materials to remove and replace your cabinets, you can save significant time and money painting your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint with Granite State Painters. Our professional cabinet painters in North Hampton will properly prep, prepare and paint your cabinets that will last for years. 


If you’re ready to update your home in North Hampton or you need to know what the best paint choices are, contact us today for a free estimate.

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