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Brentwood, NH House Painters

If you want to enhance your Brentwood home’s aesthetic appeal or refresh its interior, a fresh coat of paint is the perfect place to start. The team at Granite State Painters offers professional house painting services including:


• Interior painting 

• Exterior painting

• Cabinet refinishing for kitchens

• Cabinet painting for baths


Brentwood Interior Painting 

A fresh coat of paint on your Brentwood home’s interior is an easy and affordable way to transform your space. Imagine a living room bathed in calming neutrals, a kitchen updated with crisp white walls and cabinets, or a bedroom radiating cozy warmth. Our color consultant partners can guide you through a range of options to create your desired look in every room.


Our experienced painters meticulously handle walls, baseboards, ceilings, doors and moldings, trims, and even cabinets. We use only top-quality tools and equipment, ensuring a flawless finish. For your peace of mind, we double-check paint and color selections with you before getting started.


We treat your home like our own. We set up a dedicated workspace to minimize disruption and keep your belongings safe. We also understand the importance of your furry friends and take extra precautions to keep them safe during your paint project.


Brentwood Exterior Painting

Granite State Painters has over a decade of experience painting homes in the Brentwood area, and know that a fresh coat of paint can increase the value and enhance the curb appeal of your home. New paint not only looks nice, but also protects your siding, trim, doors, and more from the harsh elements along New Hampshire’s seacoast — extreme cold, salty seaspray from the ocean, and hot summer sun.


Brentwood Cabinet Painting

After a decade or two of use, your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are likely to show their age. What was in style 10 years ago may no longer be your taste. Rather than spend thousands of dollars in contractors and materials to remove and replace your cabinets, you can save significant time and money painting your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint with Granite State Painters. Our professional painters will properly prep, prepare and paint your cabinets with a durable, hard-wearing finish that will last for years.


If you’re ready to update your home in Brentwood - or anywhere else along the seacoast of New Hampshire or Maine - contact us today for a free estimate.

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